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Kansas Resident Experiences Great Outcomes at Oklahoma Heart Institute

84-year-old Jack Hoyt, a retired research chemist from southern Kansas, has been a Hillcrest patient for quite some time. Despite living more than 125 miles northwest of Tulsa, both Hoyt and his wife see primary care physicians at Utica Park Clinic. Hoyt’s son, Dr. Brad Hoyt, is an internist with Utica Park Clinic.

Hoyt has had two major heart procedures done at Oklahoma Heart Institute.

“My first procedure was a quadruple bypass in 2008,” said Hoyt. “During the procedure and hospital stay, I received excellent care. Then in July of 2018, I had a routine chest x-ray and was told that I had a mass in the upper lobe of my right lung. A biopsy revealed that the mass was malignant. A full body scan showed only one hot spot, so surgery to remove the mass was the solution.”

Hoyt’s son set up a consultation with Dr. Michael Phillips, cardiovascular thoracic surgeon at Oklahoma Heart Institute. Following the consultation, Hoyt was scheduled to have surgery in October to remove the mass.

“I checked into the hospital on a Thursday morning for my surgery and was released the following Monday,” said Hoyt. “The pathology report showed that all of the lymph nodes in the area of my lungs were clear. Those areas are now just being watched.”

More than two months after surgery, Hoyt is recovering well.

“My recovery has been uneventful and I am almost ready to go back to my normal work routine,” said Hoyt. “I could not have expected any better care during my stay at Oklahoma Heart Institute. Dr. Phillips and his team are great. The entire staff was wonderful and I commend and thank them all for the excellent care I received. I would highly recommend Hillcrest and Oklahoma Heart Institute to any of my friends who need medical care.”