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Minimally Invasive Surgery Brings Success for Arkansas Woman

During the summer of 2018, Rebecca Ring’s cardiologist determined that she needed to have open heart surgery to have a valve replaced. Due to Ring’s religious beliefs, surgeons were reluctant to do the surgery because she does not accept blood transfusions.

“The surgeon who initially agreed to do the surgery wanted to do traditional open heart surgery where they make the big incision down the sternum to replace one of my valves,” said Ring. “The thought of this was overwhelming since it was just to replace one valve, especially since there was mention of also replacing my aorta valve. I did not want to undergo two separate open heart surgeries.”

After speaking with a friend who had recently had a valve replaced through a minimally invasive procedure at Oklahoma Heart Institute, Ring made an appointment to see Dr. Allen Cheng, surgical director of advanced heart failure and mechanical circulatory support.

“After my initial consultation with Dr. Cheng, I was very impressed with him and so glad that he agreed to perform my surgery,” said Ring. “He told me that he would replace the aorta valve as well if he felt that it was necessary after beginning the original valve replacement procedure. I had read incredible things about him online and was very impressed with what he was able to do so I knew that I was in the right hands.”

Ring underwent minimally invasive surgery in December of 2018 and was pleased with her entire experience at Oklahoma Heart Institute. “I was so impressed with Dr. Cheng and his team, as well as the office personnel and every individual that helped with my surgery,” said Ring. “I believe I received the best care possible.”

Post-surgery, Ring is recovering well. “I am doing great now,” said Ring. “It’s amazing how quickly I have recovered with the minimally invasive procedure. My exercise routine consists of a lot of walking and I’m almost back to the pace I was before my surgery. I think I’ll be back to my original pace in no time.”

Ring hopes that others will hear her story and choose to seek care at Oklahoma Heart Institute. “I would recommend it to anyone,” said Ring. “Some of my friends were at the hospital while I was having surgery and they were in awe of how well everything went. They said that if they ever had to have anything heart-related done, this would be the place they would go.”