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Tulsa Man Credits Oklahoma Heart Institute for New Lease on Life

In the spring of 2018, long-time Tulsa resident John Bailey began to notice that he wasn’t feeling like himself. After several months went by and he still wasn’t feeling well, he ended up at Oklahoma Heart Institute.

“My first appointment was with Dr. Frank Gaffney, interventional cardiologist at Oklahoma Heart Institute,” said Bailey. “He discovered that one of my valves had collapsed.”

Following his consultation with Dr. Gaffney, Dr. Michael Phillips, cardiovascular thoracic surgeon at Oklahoma Heart Institute, performed surgery on Bailey. “Dr. Phillips replaced my mitral valve,” said Bailey. “Just a few days later, I went home. Since then, I have felt wonderful and I’m full of energy.”

Prior to having surgery, Bailey was an avid cycler. “I used to bike many miles at a time and participated in a number of races,” said Bailey. “Evidently my years of biking put a strain on my valve.”

The team at Oklahoma Heart Institute made a lasting impression on Bailey. “I have been so impressed with what the doctors are able to do,” said Bailey. “They are so extraordinary. I take any chance I get to brag about them.”

Post-surgery, Bailey is doing well. “Just a few months later, I am exercising and am in great shape,” said Bailey. “I just started the cardiac rehab program at Hillcrest South. I am starting at a bit more of an accelerated level because Dr. Gaffney gave me permission to start exercising before beginning rehab. I’m 82 years old, but I really feel like I’m closer to 60 now and I have a whole new outlook on things. I only have a few monthly appointments left with Dr. Gaffney and then I will start seeing him every six months.”

Bailey credits everyone at Oklahoma Heart Institute for his recovery. “Every single employee was wonderful,” said Bailey. “From the nurses to the doctors and everyone in between, they were all fantastic. It’s a great place.”