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Tulsa Man Credits Oklahoma Heart Institute for Saving His Life

Bobby Caston visited his primary care physician thinking he had a regular case of bronchitis. What he would later find out was that he needed open heart surgery and soon.

“To be honest, I was in shock at first,” said Caston. “I went to my primary care physician a few weeks before Thanksgiving because I thought I had bronchitis. They did an x-ray and noticed that something wasn’t right. They immediately sent me to Oklahoma Heart Institute where I met with Dr. Victor Cheng and Dr. Allen Cheng and three weeks later I had a quadruple bypass. Between the two doctors, I felt like I was in great hands from the get-go.”

A thorough explanation left Caston feeling a bit less surprised at how this could have happened to him. “Once everything was explained to me, I was less shocked that I was in this condition,” said Caston. “I didn’t have any heart problems previously. I am fairly athletic and I exercise quite often however my eating habits were not always the best. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to my diet because I thought my physical activity level was enough.”

Caston was amazed at how fast things were happening. “The process was very quick,” said Caston. “I first saw Dr. Victor Cheng. He looked at my x-ray and sent me to see if the issues could be fixed through minimally invasive surgery. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option and I needed to have open heart surgery. So he sent me to Dr. Allen Cheng who agreed that I needed to have this surgery and that it needed to happen in the new couple of weeks. My heart was in that bad of shape.”

Caston had quadruple bypass open heart surgery December 6, 2017. “The surgery went very well and there were no complications,” said Caston. “I had the surgery on a Wednesday and was released to go home the following Saturday.” Caston had a follow-up with Dr. Allen Cheng a few weeks later and was sent over to cardiac rehab. He completed the rehab program in February and was then released to go back to work. According to Caston, “My recovery time was just over two months which was remarkable.”

Caston has made great progress since his surgery. He has been back at work snce the end of Feburary and hasn’t had any issues. “People are shocked that I recovered as fast as I did considering the type of surgery I had,” said Caston. “It’s truly a miracle that I visited my primary care physician when I did. I was preparing to run in an upcoming marathon, but instead, ended up having surgery. Had I run in that marathon I probably wouldn’t be here today.”

Caston has only praises for the care he received at Oklahoma Heart Institute. “They truly saved my life,” said Caston. “I cannot thank them enough for what they did. I tell people all the time that these are the doctors you need to go see if you’re having any cardiovascular issues. I am forever grateful for Oklahoma Heart Institute, Dr. Victor Cheng and Dr. Allen Cheng. They do great work.”