Heart Failure

Oklahoma Heart Institute’s Advanced Heart Failure Center offers hope to thousands of patients each year. As the region’s first dedicated inpatient and outpatient heart failure center, the Center’s specialized cardiologists, advanced practice nurses and other medical experts work to improve each patient’s length and quality of life by improving the performance of the heart.

The Center provides comprehensive evaluation and management of patients diagnosed with heart failure on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Because heart failure is a chronic disease, many patients are advised to visit the Center regularly to ensure the heart is functioning normally. The outpatient care areas are designed to provide a comfortable, home-like experience and foster communication and camaraderie with others, which helps facilitate the healing process. Many patients are monitored daily for weight changes and other heart failure symptoms. Specially trained caregivers are available to answer patient questions and concerns.

In addition to personalized health counseling, the Center’s unique approach addresses issues that often accompany heart failure including family and financial problems, emotional concerns, and spiritual questions. Through regular communication and proper self-management, the Center has helped hundreds of patients avoid readmission to the hospital and live longer, more active lives. For more information, call (918) 574-9000 and ask for the Advanced Heart Failure Center or dial 1-877-CHF-CARE (877-243-2273).

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