Hillcrest COVID-19 Call Center
Hillcrest HealthCare System has an established COVID-19 Call Center. Operators are available Monday - Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answer patient questions, provide support and connect them to a provider. The Call Center line is 918-574-0920.

(918) 592-0999

Heart Monitoring

Do you have irregular heartbeats?  Do you experience dizziness, palpitation, fainting or chest pain?  These symptoms may suggest cardiac arrhythmia and can be potentially life threatening.

The Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) System is the newest monitor, approximately 1/3 the size of an AAA battery, that helps physicians accurately diagnose irregular heartbeats. Cardiac monitors have advanced from an external, wired monitor to a small, insertable device that is nearly invisible to the naked eye. Long gone are the days of external wires and 30 day monitoring. With the Reveal LINQ, you will not have to worry about the external, non-waterproof wires. Benefits of the Medtronic Reveal LINQ ICM device include:

  • small & minimally invasive
  • technologically advanced
  • MRI accessibility
  • continuous data collection
  • improved efficiency

Reveal LINQ in Oklahoma