Oklahoma Man Experiences Great Progress Following Procedure

Randall Hargrove was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, or AFib, in mid-2017. After being referred to Oklahoma Heart Institute, his problems were soon resolved.

“I was originally seeing another physician when I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation,” said Hargrove. “Soon after, I was referred to Dr. David Sandler, electrophysiologist at Oklahoma Heart Institute, by my primary care physician. For a while, my AFib was under control while I was taking medication, but in May of 2018 I started having arrhythmic problems again. I went back in and found out that I had atypical flutter.”

Hargrove underwent a procedure to fix his AFib and flutter. Following the surgery, he found out that the flutter was not corrected. “Dr. Sandler was highly convinced that he could fix it, so we scheduled a second procedure which fixed the issue.”

That second surgery took place in August 2018. “Since that surgery, I have been able to stop taking all of the arrhythmic medications,” said Hargrove. “In fact, I was in the recovery room when Dr. Sandler stepped in and told me that I could stop taking those medications if I wanted to because he had solved all of the problems.”

At his most recent follow-up appointments, Hargrove learned that he would be able to stop taking blood thinners, something he had been hoping to do for quite some time.

Hargrove has made great progress in a short amount of time. “I’m doing great now,” said Hargrove. “My heart rate is running somewhere around 65-70, which is a major improvement from the 130 it was at previously. The procedure definitely corrected all of the issues.”

The experience at Oklahoma Heart Institute is something Hargrove was satisfied with. “I’m very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Sandler,” said Hargrove. “He did a very good job and accomplished exactly what he told me he would do.”