Weight Loss Testimonial - Henry. F.

For most of my life, my weight had never been a problem. Growing up I was very tall and active in school sports. With the onset of my sixties, things changed very quickly. My wife and I joined a weight-loss program and stuck it out for four years until we were forced to admit defeat. The biggest challenge for me was that either I was hungry or felt a certain sense of guilt that I had over-indulged in my eating. Another problem was that there was no personal accountability. My daughter told me about the Health Management Resource (HMR) program and its wonderful track record so my wife and I decided to try it out in January 2017. Within the first four months, I had lost 55 pounds. There is accountability in the HMR program that I had not experienced before and the changes in my life have been truly significant. I exercised as the program dictated and as my stamina grew, so did my desire to do even more. I went from plodding around the park every day to running. I felt better, my clothes fit better and people began to comment on how much younger I looked. Besides losing the weight, the greatest unintended consequence of this program was my breathing. A few months before enrolling, I was diagnosed with COPD from 30+ years of smoking. I would frequently awaken in the middle of the night feeling like I was being suffocated. Only a short three to four months into the program I noticed I was no longer struggling to breathe. In fact, my breathing has returned to normal. Now I am in the maintenance phase (phase II). During this phase, we learn how to live in the real world by learning how to think before we eat and how to keep our newly found exercise routine intact. The most important aspect of phase II is that it has shown me, and continues to show me, how to self-correct. When I inevitably gain a few pounds I get to work exercising and doing what I know I need to do to get back on track losing the extra weight. And it works...every time. The HMR program and my coaches have truly changed my life! I will never be the same again.

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