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MRI Information for Physicians

Indications for a Cardiovascular MRI Study


  1. Global and regional left and right ventricular function, volumes and mass
  2. Cardiomyopathies
  3. Myocarditis
  4. Valvular function (qualitative/quantitative)
  5. Pericardial disease
  6. Cardiac and extra-cardiac masses
  7. Congenital heart disease
  8. Myocardial perfusion stress MRI for ischemia
  9. Myocardial viability
  10. Poor quality echocardiograms



  1. Aortic diseases
  2. Aortic arch branch vessel disease
  3. Carotid artery disease
  4. Renal artery disease
  5. Mesenteric disease
  6. Iliofemoral, popliteal and infrapopliteal disease
  7. Anomalous coronary arteries
  8. Coronary artery graft patency
  9. Pulmonary emboli
  10. Venous abnormalities


Major Contraindications

  1. Severe claustrophobia
  2. Foreign body near vital structures
  3. First trimester of pregnancy
  4. Neurostimulators
  5. Cochlear implants
  6. Bone growth stimulators
  7. Intracranial aneurysm clips
  8. Aneurysm clips
  9. Vascular clamp
  10. Insulin or infusion pump or implanted drug infusion device
  11. Implanted cardiac devices (pacemakers, ICDs)*


*At Oklahoma Heart Institute MRI Department this is currently a relative contraindication. Device patients can undergo physician-monitored MRI under a current research study. See the research section for more details.

From a device/implant standpoint anything that is activated magnetically, electrically, mechanically, or with radio frequency is contraindicated for MRI. However for a complete and regularly updated list of MR safe/unsafe/conditional devices and implants go to www.mrisafety.com.


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