Lifesaving Screenings

A simple heart screening can help you keep your heart healthy

#1 cause of death

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the #1 cause of death for both men and women. But there’s good news: it can be treated if caught early. And one of the best and easiest preventive tests for your heart is a heart screening.

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Calcium score

There are different heart screenings designed to detect potential heart issues before they occur. One of the most common is the calcium score, a specialized X-ray that provides pictures of your heart to help detect and measure plaque buildup lining the walls of your coronary arteries.

Detect plaque

Plaque buildup narrows the arteries, restricts blood flow to the heart and ultimately can lead to a heart attack if left unchecked. By detecting plaque buildup early, your doctor can provide a treatment plan to help you reduce your chances of a heart attack or stroke.

40 years or older

If you are 40 years or older and are at an increased risk for heart disease, you should consider a heart screening. You are at an increased risk if you:

  • Are diabetic
  • Have a family history of heart disease
  • Are a past or present smoker
  • Have a history of high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Are overweight or lead an inactive lifestyle

Detect potential issues

We can help you manage your heart health by starting with a heart scan to detect potential issues before they happen. Plus, a heart scan can motivate you to make important lifestyle changes and follow treatment plans for a lifetime of good heart health.

10-15 minutes

A calcium score heart scan is a simple test that takes around 10-15 minutes. A technician will attach sensors, called electrodes, to your chest before the scan. These sensors connect to a device that records your heart activity and helps take X-ray pictures between heartbeats when the heart muscles are relaxed.

Heart scan

During the heart scan, you will lie on your back on a table that slides into a CT scanner. Your head is outside the scanner the whole time. You will lie still and hold your breath for a few seconds while the pictures are taken. After the procedure, you can drive yourself home and resume your normal activities.

State of the art

Oklahoma Heart Institute (OHI) is one of the most comprehensive and premier cardiovascular programs in the state. Staffed by top cardiologists, surgeons and specialists, we are the destination for cardiovascular expertise, some of the region’s most advanced technology and the medical management of complex heart and vascular conditions. Our team focuses on preventive heart health and offers rapid intervention and total rehabilitative care when cardiac events occur.

Get peace of mind for only $99

Call us at 918-592-0999 to schedule a $99 cardiac calcium score today so you can live life, better. No referrals are needed. Below are additional preventative lifesaving screenings we offer. Ask about bundling them for an added discount.

  • Carotid Artery Evaluation (15 minutes, $40)

    Strokes rank third among all causes of death behind heart disease and cancer. To assess your risk, an ultrasound probe is placed on your neck to screen for blockages in your carotid arteries which supply blood to the brain. This is also a marker of heart attack risk.

  • Cardiac Function Evaluation (15 minutes, $40)

    To analyze cardiac function and calculate your Ejection Fraction (the amount of blood your heart is able to pump), an ultrasound probe will be positioned at various locations on your chest.

  • Abdominal Aorta Evaluation (15 minutes, $40)

    Most abdominal aneurysms are asymptomatic. To screen for an aneurysm, an ultrasound probe is used to analyze your abdominal aorta.

  • Ankle/Brachial Index (15 minutes, $40)

    Blood pressures are obtained from your legs and arms to screen for peripheral artery disease. It not only assesses circulation to the legs but also is a marker of heart attack risk.