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Cardiac CT Scan

Cardiac computed tomography (CT) is an X-ray-based scan principally designed to show the inside of the heart arteries “noninvasively” – without having to put any equipment deep into the body.  Use of cardiac CT for patient care became mainstream in 2005 after several advances made the scan much easier to perform and boosted scan accuracy.  Technology of cardiac CT has improved year-to-year ever since, and more and more doctors are using it to help diagnose heart disease.

In properly selected people, cardiac CT is fast, safe, and highly accurate in finding out whether there is severe blockage in the heart arteries.  It also detects disease in the heart arteries before significant blockages occur, adding a new level of sophistication when doctors estimate a person’s future risk of heart attack.

At Oklahoma Heart Institute, our mission is to provide the highest quality cardiac CT, even in the most complex situations.  To schedule an appointment, call 918-592-0999.

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