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The Weight Loss & Wellness Center 

We are a team of highly motivated individuals whose main purpose is to encourage, motivate and help people reach their weight loss goals. We strive for excellence by supporting our participants every step of the way leading them to live healthier and happier lives through the utilization of the Health Management Resources (HMR) program. 

The HMR program is a leading provider of medically supervised weight management programs in the country. Over the past 25 years, HMR has helped over one million people and found that people lose two to three times more weight than with most other programs. 

In 2018, our program helped people lose more than 4,481 pounds which means the average weight loss for participants in our clinic was 41.1 pounds!

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What to Expect

One difference that sets HMR apart from other weight management programs is results. Lose weight fast and build healthier routines that last with HMR's intensive weight loss and lifestyle change program. HMR healthy meals make losing weight easier through good tasting and convenient fast food alternatives. This program gives you an opportunity to lose weight and feel full by eating as many HMR meals and snacks as you need. Rooted in behavioral science, HMR works because we offer real support and real solutions. HMR is more than a weight loss program, it's a way of life. 

  • Experience rapid and effective weight loss
  • Lose weight while feeling full and satisfied
  • Learn skills for long-term weight management


HMR Diet Options

Our weekly classes help make the diet an overall effective program. Participants attend these classes to gain diet support and learn how important lifestyle changes are to their success.

Clinic Programs:

  • Decision-Free Diet: 800 calorie diet of HMR shakes and entrees exclusively. Medical supervision provided. This diet plan offers you the most structure, support and accountability. On average, participants lose about 43-66 pounds in 12-26 weeks.
  • Healthy Solutions Diet: 1200 - 1400 calorie diet of HMR shakes, entrees, fruits and vegetables. Offered with or without medical supervision. On average, participants lose about 28-41 pounds in 12-26 weeks.

Home Program: 

If you are interested in the HMR program, however, aren't able to join the clinic version this would be a great option for you.

  • Health Solutions Diet: 1200 - 1400 calorie diet of HMR shakes and entrees. Participants supply their own fruits and vegetables. You'll have full online access to the HMR program with options for participating in a self-directed program or a program with free phone coaching. On average, participants lose 13 pounds at 12 weeks for the self-directed program and 23 pounds at 12 weeks for the phone coaching program. To join, please click on this link to get started: www.hmrprogram.com/oklahomaheart.


FREE Information Session

Attend our obligation-free information session to find out if this is the right program for you. 


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