March 2012

Study Says to Eat Less Red Meat: What this Really Means

If you could lower your risk of heart disease and cancer by choosing what is on your plate, would you?  Most of us would without question, but what if that meant giving up your regular burgers, steaks, or side of bacon?  Researchers at Harvard revealed the results of a study on red meat consumption this week.  If you are a meat lover, what they found may make you rethink your dining habits.  Oklahoma Heart Institute Cardiologist Dr. Eric Auerbach looks at the study and how we should interpret these findings.

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Oklahoma Heart Institute celebrates the 3rd year since opening Oklahoma’s largest hospital dedicated exclusively to heart disease March 2009.  Today, we look back on the last 3 years and celebrate the milestone’s we’ve reached.

Treated 1st Patients (March 2009)

Comprehensive, on-site cardiology care at Bailey Medical Center in Owasso (October 2009)

Invited Tulsa area private and public schools, clubs, and nursing students to tour the MegaHeart exhibit for 1st anniversary celebration (March 2010)

High Tech Sleep

March 5th - 11th is National Sleep Awareness Week.  Oklahoma Heart Institute Sleep Care's Medical Director, Dr. Kevin Lewis takes a look at the high tech world of sleep and innovative products on the market.

If you have ever had a sleepless night, tossing and turning, you know how poorly you feel the next day.  You are lethargic, your appetite is off, and you have difficulty focusing.