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December 2018

Kansas Resident Experiences Great Outcomes at Oklahoma Heart Institute

84-year-old Jack Hoyt, a retired research chemist from southern Kansas, has been a Hillcrest patient for quite some time. Despite living more than 125 miles northwest of Tulsa, both Hoyt and his wife see primary care physicians at Utica Park Clinic. Hoyt’s son, Dr. Brad Hoyt, is an internist with Utica Park Clinic.

Hoyt has had two major heart procedures done at Oklahoma Heart Institute.

Tulsa Man Credits Oklahoma Heart Institute for New Lease on Life

In the spring of 2018, long-time Tulsa resident John Bailey began to notice that he wasn’t feeling like himself. After several months went by and he still wasn’t feeling well, he ended up at Oklahoma Heart Institute.

“My first appointment was with Dr. Frank Gaffney, interventional cardiologist at Oklahoma Heart Institute,” said Bailey. “He discovered that one of my valves had collapsed.”