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February 2018

Tulsa Woman Expresses Appreciation for Care at Oklahoma Heart Institute

Krystal Rogers, a school teacher in Tulsa, turned 40 in October of 2017. She had always been very healthy, but over the past year she began feeling unlike her normal self. “I remember telling my husband I just didn’t feel right. I was really tired all the time and I felt like something in my body was off,” explained Rogers. “I visited my primary care physician last summer and they ran blood work. Everything came back great, so I thought I would just start taking some vitamins and hopefully that would make me feel better.”

Highlighting Cardiac Rehabilitation Week

February 11-17 is Cardiac Rehabilitation Week. This is a week where we recognize the contributions of the staff in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute. These staff members work with patients to help reduce the effects of heart disease. To learn more about the cardiac rehabilitation program, we spoke with Tom Guhr, health educator with the Weight Loss & Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute.