September 2022

What cardiac electrophysiology means and how it impacts your heart health

Have you ever had concerns with your heartbeat? A cardiac electrophysiologist just might be the health care provider that treats you. Siva Soma, M.D., cardiac electrophysiologist with Oklahoma Heart Institute, answers some questions about his field and how it can impact you.

• What does a cardiac electrophysiologist do?

A cardiac electrophysiologist specializes in the treatment of heart rhythm disorders, abnormal rhythms from the heart’s electrical system.

Marshall takes his health to heart, feels “180 degrees” different

James “JC” Marshall had dealt with chest pains periodically for some time and did not think much of it. Not until he heeded the advice of one Oklahoma Heart Institute doctor and took matters into his own hands, did the Arkansas resident finally improve his long-term outcome.

“It’s really changed my life because I don’t have to worry about it now,” he said.

Despite Marshall’s efforts to downplay his chest pains, his primary care physician ordered a stress test. That’s when Marshall learned there was reason for concern.