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OHI partners with City of Owasso for new trail signage

Improving your heart health is literally just a walk in the park.

Oklahoma Heart Institute, part of Hillcrest, partnered with the City of Owasso to provide educational signs to encourage healthy lifestyle improvements along the new Heart Healthy 5K trail near the Owasso Sports Complex.

“We had no other partner that we could think of than Oklahoma Heart Institute,” said Larry Langford, director of recreation and culture for the City of Owasso. “They are a group that is about education, prevention and saving lives. I want to share my gratitude to OHI for the partnership that you all have committed to with us. The City of Owasso prides itself on being a wonderful organization, but we can’t do all we can without great partners.”

The Oklahoma Heart Institute signs serve as markers along the trail, indicating a quarter mile. On either side of the signs, the public will see preventive tips for stroke and heart attack.

“It has really been a great opportunity for the Oklahoma Heart Institute and the Utica Park Clinic system to be part of this,” said Frank Gaffney, M.D., Oklahoma Heart Institute, and director of cardiology at Bailey Medical Center. “Your fitness predicts your survivability, so this trail is really a commitment by the City of Owasso to the people of Owasso for their health and it is wonderful for us to be part of this.”

The Heart Healthy 5K trail is available for public use between dawn and dusk and there is ample parking nearby.

“I walk this trail almost every day in the morning and the signage, I love it,” said Owasso Mayor Kelly Lewis. “The parks and trails are near and dear to my heart, and we need those amenities for our health.”