Are You and Your “Sweetheart” Cardiovascularly Safe?

You exercise regularly. You eat a healthy diet. Your stress level is under control. As far as you know, you are perfectly healthy. But do you know what’s going on inside your heart? Are you arteries clear and healthy or is a potential cardiovascular event hiding around the corner? 1 in 4 heart attacks strike with little to no warning or symptoms. Today, we have the technology and the tools to prevent many heart attacks from happening and we do every day. From patients with a family history, to those with risk factors or none at all, life-saving screenings allow you to know if you and your sweetheart are cardiovascularly safe.

Life-Saving Screenings

Technology has improved over recent decades, giving experts trained in cardiovascular disease the ability to see beyond a stress test and into the walls of your arteries and interworking of your cardiovascular system. We can pinpoint blockages and disease before a major cardiovascular event occurs. The best news, we can give you peace of mind fast and accurately, with no pain or discomfort on your part.

Oklahoma Heart Institute offers six screenings evaluating the functioning of your heart, veins and arteries, along with exploring your risk for stroke, abdominal aneurysm and peripheral artery disease in your arms and legs. You do not need to have a physician referral to schedule any screening and evening appointments are available.

Life-Saving Procedures

At Oklahoma Heart Institute, our interventional cardiologists are trained in a variety of procedures from coronary stents to cardiac catheterizations and multivessel angioplasty. Should any screening reveal the need for intervention, we will make sure you receive complete and comprehensive care with the confidence you have access to top cardiology care. We have changed destinies for many people in Oklahoma who took the steps to be proactive with their health.

If you would like to learn more information about protecting your heart health, please join Silver Elite for two upcoming free seminars, “Protecting Your Sweetheart’s Heart” February 13 at Bailey Medical Center or February 21 in Claremore. For more information and to register for the Bailey Medical Center event, click here or here for the Claremore event.

Silver Elite is a FREE program that offers fun events and in-hospital benefits for ages 60+, the only requirement for joining. Call 918-579-6060 or visit to learn more.