Convenient Answer For Painful Varicose Veins

Oklahoma Heart Institute cardiologist Dr. Robert Smith was interviewed in this KTUL Tulsa's Channel 8 story about the minimally invasive procedures used to treat varicose veins at OHI:


"As many Baby Boomers get on in age, they're more likely to experience the pain and cosmetic issues that go with varicose veins. Fortunately there's an answer to that problem that has proven to be very useful in recent years. It's call a vein ablation and it can be done during a lunch hour with some patients returning to work the very same day.

Jaunita Trammell is a nurse with the Veterans Administration, who was troubled by the pain of varicose veins. They limited her mobility on the job and the discomfort often kept her awake at night. She's now had both of her legs treated by Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Robert Smith at the Oklahoma Heart Institute.

He treats the veins from the inside out, by inserting a catheter into her circulatory system. The catheter carries a heating element that allows the failed vein to be easily removed. Smith says the procedure has degree of patient satisfaction, because people can have it done and get back to their normal lives in a hurry."

Source: Charles Ely, KTUL Tulsa's Channel 8