HMR program renews Randy Christian's outlook as retirement approaches

After more than 40 years in the asphalt business, Randy Christian looks forward to his pending retirement at the end of 2022.

A grandfather of two with an interest in classic cars, Christian, whose health history includes a pair of strokes, wants to approach his next stage of life with renewed vigor as well. That’s why he turned to the Health Management Resources® (HMR) program at The Weight Loss & Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute (OHI).

“I wanted somebody to crack the whip on me,” said Christian, whose blood pressure was 218/178 after his second stroke and took 12 different medications at one point – including three for hypertension. “I wanted this to work. I just committed to it.”

Christian joined the HMR program on Oct. 15, 2021, and could not be more pleased with his results.

As of May 2022, he weighed 172 pounds, a 34-pound decrease since joining the program and his blood pressure was down to a normal range of 110/75. Christian’s medication regiment now requires just one pill a day.

And the difference in how he feels is immense.

“You cannot imagine how much better I feel and can do so many things that I use to struggle at,” Christian said. “I got winded before, but not anymore. I used to get winded going up a flight of stairs. Now I go jogging. I ride a bike. I sleep and just feel better.”

Christian praised the HMR program and team for helping him along during his journey.

“They’re really good at what they do,” he said. “It’s a word of encouragement from them at the right time or making a suggestion. And, if you can say a diet is fun, this is fun. I don’t mind going to the classes.”

Christian said the HMR program also helped give him a greater purpose behind his quest for improving his overall health and wellness.

“The why you do this program is going to change,” Christian said. “For me, the why going in was to lose weight and see what I could do about my blood pressure. Now, I’m not so worried about getting to 165 pounds (his initial goal weight). The why has changed for me. Now it’s about how much better I can feel.”

Christian, who first learned of the program through a friend of his wife, encourages others who may be looking to make a change in their health and wellness to consider the HMR program as well.

“If you join the program, and you listen to them, you’ll be surprised,” he said. “It works. You just got to commit to it and want to do it.”

More information

The Weight Loss & Wellness Center at OHI offers videos you can watch to understand more about the program.

Video #1 – Program overview and a preview of what to expect

Video #2 – A day on the HMR Diet and the healthy solutions it offers

For more informatio, visit the Weight Loss & Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute or call 918-579-3444.