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LDL Apheresis Treatment for Uncontrolled, Dangerously High Cholesterol


Diet, exercise and medication therapies are the first defense against high cholesterol, especially high LDL levels, for many patients. However, some people do not respond despite best efforts. Having dangerously high cholesterol levels can lead to heart disease, blockages and stroke. Oklahoma Heart Institute now offers patients an option, which has proven to lower cholesterol levels 73 to 83 percent – LDL Apheresis.

LDL Apheresis is a cholesterol-lowering technique that can help manage cholesterol in those who meet the following criteria:

LDL level at or above 200 mg/dL and coronary heart disease.

LDL level at or above 300 mg/dL without coronary heart disease.

Inadequate response to at least six months of diet, exercise and the maximum dosage of cholesterol-lowering prescription medications.

Dr. Eric Auerbach shares how this life-saving treatment is changing lives.