OHI program helps woman achieve weight goal while caring for others

For Stacey Prince, the term “sandwich generation” was something she learned very quickly during her struggle to lose weight.

A mom who cares for her elderly parents as well as her son and granddaughter, Prince works full-time as a data analyst at Oklahoma Heart Institute and also helps with the family businesses. She has tried to balance many schedules and health needs, yet still find the time to eat healthy, lose weight and focus on her own health.

But thanks to the Health Management Recourses (HMR) Clinic’s Healthy Solutions® program, Prince lost 22 pounds and is now on the program’s maintenance schedule.

“I’ve been on every diet imaginable since my teens and was able to lose weight, but maintenance was where I always struggled,” she said. “I had used HMR products in the past and knew I liked them, but when the hospital offered an employee special, I decided it was time to enroll and make a commitment.”

Well-balanced program

Prince really liked the structure of the program’s daily planning, the convenience and taste of the meals and shakes as well as the accountability the coaches placed on her.

“HMR is a very well-balanced program with options for everyone,” Prince said. “It’s easy to follow. The app is user-friendly and the food is very tasty. They have recently expanded the food choices by adding new items.”

She also appreciates the expert instruction and encouragement from her coaches at the clinic. “Coach Sarah is very knowledgeable and helpful. She made the whole program easy to understand and I really didn’t even feel like I was on a diet. I know I would have lost weight, but since maintenance is always hard for me, I probably would have gained it all back without the coaching.”

Living better

With the Healthy Solutions® program, Prince believes she has turned a corner and has a healthier lifestyle now.

“Besides my clothes fitting better,” she said, “I feel more in control of my overall health and weight. I made it through the holidays with only about a two-pound weight gain and was able to lose that right away. My cholesterol is normal for the first time in years without medication. The program gave me the tools to feel confident in my ability to maintain my healthy weight.”

The program promotes the “Triple Imperative” to guide patients to lose weight.

The first imperative is not starving one’s self, but eating at least the minimum amount of food every day. This helps the patient focus on scheduling and getting in good nutrition. Patients are encouraged to eat more of what is on their plan. This helps patients support their willpower and ever-changing hunger, which helps them stay on their plan for a longer period of time.

The second imperative is staying 100% on the program, or staying in the box. This helps the patient practice problem-solving with the food on their plan, which helps them lose weight quickly.

The third imperative is physical activity. The program encourages patients to burn at least 2,000 physical activity calories per week. This helps them develop the habit of physical activity which will help them maintain their weight when they transition into the maintenance phase.

“Before this program, I always felt hungry,” Prince said. “By getting my ‘Triple’ every day, I am ensuring I get adequate protein and am rarely hungry. This has been instrumental to my 6 months of maintenance, and will be a part of my daily life going forward.”

More information

The Weight Loss & Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute offers videos you can watch to understand more about the program.

  • Video #1 – Program overview and a preview of what to expect
  • Video #2 – A Day on the HMR Diet and the healthy solutions it offers

For more information on the Weight Loss & Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute, please visit oklahomaheart.com/wlwc or call 918-579-3444.