Oklahoma Father Shows Gratitude for Care Given at Oklahoma Heart Institute

A few months ago, Bill Trentham, a farmer in rural Oklahoma, experienced shortness of breath and immediately knew something wasn’t right. “During the first week of October, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, so I called and got an appointment with Oklahoma Heart Institute cardiologist, Dr. Alan Kaneshige,” said Trentham. “He explained that I had congestive heart failure and immediately referred me to the emergency room. He was kind enough to call ahead for me so I wouldn’t have to wait. I was given a room very quickly and had several folks start working on me. I was in the hospital for seven or eight days, and they took about 32 pounds of fluid from me. During my stay, I had the most beautiful view of the Tulsa skyline and had the most excellent care. Being sick and receiving such great healthcare is such a blessing. There are some top notch folks working at Oklahoma Heart Institute and I just can’t praise them enough.”

Prior to being diagnosed with congestive heart failure, Trentham had been treated for his diabetes at Oklahoma Heart Institute. “I started my journey at Oklahoma Heart Institute with my endocrinologist Dr. Lauren LaBryer,” explained Trentham. Dr. LaBryer got me started on a great program putting my diabetes under more control than ever. She is an incredible doctor with a wonderful staff.”

Trentham has continuously been in awe of the care he has received at Oklahoma Heart Institute. “From the people that cleaned my room to the cafeteria workers, and the service providers, everyone was great,” he shared. “The lady who would come by to do an inventory check every day was always so nice. Every single person was incredible. They offered my family drinks and snacks anytime they brought me something. My wife was so appreciative of the care I received.”

Trentham has also received care at multiple Oklahoma Heart Institute facilities, experiencing excellence across the board. “At every Oklahoma Heart Institute facility that I have visited throughout my time with the hospital, everyone was incredible,” said Trentham. “They answer questions immediately and were caring about everything. Anyone I came in contact with at Oklahoma Heart Institute was more than professional. I’m a farmer and have been a boss of over 100 people, and I know when people are doing their job. These people are wonderful and go above and beyond their required duties.”

Prior to his most recent procedure, Trentham had an experience that meant more than most. “Before I went into surgery, my pastor came to visit,” Trentham said. “He has been a pastor for 47 years and he said that he had never seen such great patient care. Right before I was given the anesthesia, over half of the surgical team joined my pastor in prayer. I was nervous going into surgery, but after the prayer and the hospitality, I felt completely at ease and all nerves were gone. They let us joke around and laugh before surgery, and as the patient, it was such a stress reliever. I loved that so much, and my pastor did too. This also put my wife and young son at ease, and it took a lot of the seriousness out of the situation.”

Even through smaller aches and pains, Trentham continues to praise the team at Oklahoma Heart Institute. “When I had muscle cramps during the middle of the night, I had a great team come in and even had a nurse hold my hand and pray for me,” said Trentham. “I can’t tell you how much it means to have such caring people taking care of me. This is why we drive an hour and a half for care at Oklahoma Heart Institute rather than staying local.”

For Trentham, it has been an honor to go back and thank his providers. “Dr. Craig Cameron, Oklahoma Heart Institute electrophysiologist, and his staff were beyond wonderful during my most recent procedure. About a month after that procedure, I went back to the hospital and was able to thank so many of the nurses and team members that worked on me. I was glad that I got to thank them personally for taking such great care of me,” said Trentham.


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