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Running with Robin


You can tell when someone is truly passionate about something. More than just a hobby or interest, it drives them to be better, do more and push the limits. When you talk to Oklahoma Heart Institute cardiac nurse Robin Williams, RN, her passion outside work and family is running. “It doesn’t matter if you come in first, middle of the pack or last, you can say ‘I have finished,’” she says of her love of running that has spanned for more than 20 years. “I enjoy the sense of achievement, self satisfaction and the opportunity to push beyond where others (or I) never thought I could go.”

Running has taken Robin to the Oklahoma City Marathon, Mother Road Marathon (Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri), Dallas Whiterock Marathon, Tulsa Route 66 Marathon, and Tulsa Half and Half Marathon (half trail/half pavement), to name a few. “I’ve completed many half marathons and ten Triathlons, including two Olympic Triathlons,” she says.

Sound a little overboard? Not to Robin. She is after all a member of “Marathon Maniacs.” You can’t just join the group, you have to earn it – complete three marathons in four weeks.

This all started when Robin’s daughter was five years old. In the dark hours before dawn, Robin started running to add in exercise to her daily regime and responsibilities. “I opted to rise early before she was awake to do my workouts,” she explains. “I was able to be a mom and have a full time job with workouts at 4 a.m.  That schedule has always worked best for me, but many runners prefer evening or night runs.  That’s the beauty of running; you can do anytime, anywhere.”

The next marathon or triathlon is her impetus to start officially training again, when she is not just running for fun. Training consists of 16 to 20 weeks of regularly scheduled runs, including one day for the “long run.” Managing family, a career and rigorous training schedule is something Robin says works, because of the flexibility that comes with running. “Running is something I can do alone or in a group, under my own power, any direction, fast or slow, seeking new adventures every year,” she says.

Starting and finishing a marathon is something Robin knows how to prepare for and execute, with exception of one marathon to date. “The New York City Marathon has always been a bucket list event,” she adds. “I was in New York last year to run the marathon when it was cancelled.  I will be returning November 1 to New York to run the marathon on the 3rd. I will cross that finish line this year!”

Robin also has her sights on the Half Ironman, with the goal of knocking that off the bucket list by the time she turns 50 in 2016. In the meantime, she’s gearing up for the Tulsa Run 15k in October, all while spending Monday evenings as a coach for Fleet Feet working with local elementary children train to run their first 5k October 29.

Her passion is contagious. It’s enough to inspire just about anyone to start running. Before you hit the pavement or dust off the treadmill, Robin’s advice is to start with the right foundation. “Invest in the right pair of running shoes, go for the distance not the time, slow down, and be patient,” she says.” Join a running group (definitely my favorite way to add distance is with a running group). Build mileage gradually, keep training log, and set small achievable goals.  Above all remember you are a runner, no matter what pace or distance.”