Structure and Accountability Lead to Weight-Loss Success Story

In 2019, Grant Brown, 42, was in poor health and couldn’t shake the feeling that his current lifestyle may not allow him to be around for his family in the future. Just as those thoughts were closing in, his daughter heard about Oklahoma Heart Institute’s Weight Loss & Wellness Center. A nursing student at Oral Roberts University, Brown’s daughter immediately thought of her father when she heard a cardiologist discuss the program in one of her lectures.

Brown was intrigued after hearing what his daughter had learned and attended an introductory meeting in October 2019. He waited for the temptation-riddled holiday season to pass before officially enrolling in the program in January 2020.

“I wanted to join the program because I needed structure and accountability,” said Brown. “I knew going it alone wouldn’t work.”

Sticking with the program

Brown has been participating in the program consistently since he began in early 2020, even despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, which included a facility closure.

“Despite all the uncertainty, Oklahoma Heart Institute and the staff dealt with it well, offering virtual alternatives to in-person meetings,” said Brown. “When we were finally permitted to return to the facility, I felt very comfortable with the safety protocols put in place.”

Still on his weight-loss journey, Brown knows the training and knowledge he’s learned in the program will stay with him long after he has completed his work with the Weight Loss & Wellness Center.

“I have about five more pounds to lose until I move into the maintenance portion of the program,” said Brown. “With the foundation I’ve built throughout the program I know I’ll eventually feel comfortable maintaining my weight and exercise on my own.”

Encouragement from the staff

Brown praises the staff for leading participants to real, manageable results. He credits the encouragement he’s received from his coaches, along with his commitment and dedication, for his results of nearly 120 pounds lost.

“The support staff is amazing,” said Brown. “I began with Brook Hinton as my coach and she was such a valuable asset to have in my corner. Now I’m working with Sarah Roberts and my experience has been just as incredible. I could not ask for a better group of people to lead me through this journey.”

Because of its ease and practicality, Brown has recommended the program at the Weight Loss & Wellness Center to several friends and says they have all experienced great success.

“The program has changed my life,” said Brown. “I do things I never use to be able to every single day. I could fill an entire wall with a list of things I can do now that I could never have done before joining the program. It’s a great feeling to have that sense of freedom back.”

For more information on the Weight Loss & Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute, please visit the program's web page.