HMR Program Brings Great Success for Oklahoma Woman

Tammy Anderson’s husband started experiencing heart problems in the winter of 2018. During this time, her blood pressure became alarmingly high.

“Whenever my husband went in for his heart cath, his cardiologist, Dr. Arash Karnama, checked my blood pressure and after seeing the numbers, told me he wanted to see me the following week,” said Anderson.

At that time, Anderson’s blood pressure was 189/120 and she weighed 291 pounds.

“Dr. Karnama told me my blood pressure could be controlled with medication, but since I was only 53 he wanted me to lose 100 pounds,” said Anderson. “He recommended the Health Management Resources (HMR) program, which is offered through The Weight Loss & Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute.”

Anderson had previously heard about the program through her brother-in-law, who had seen great success. After attending a free information session, she decided it was something she would like to try.

“I had tried several other weight loss programs in the past, but once I completed them, I would always gain the weight back because the programs didn’t have maintenance portions,” said Anderson.

Anderson began the HMR program in April 2018.

“I started with the decision-free portion of the program and did that until Christmas, then switched to the healthy solution portion so I could eat vegetable dishes and enjoy Christmas dinner with my family,” said Anderson. “By the following January, I had lost the recommended 100 pounds.”

More than one year later, Anderson is continuing to lose weight and is more physically active than ever.

“I did the Heart Walk for the first time this year,” said Anderson. “I can chase my grandkids all over the place, which is something I could never do before losing weight. I really feel amazing.”

Anderson is an advocate for the HMR program.

“I tell everybody about the program because I believe that anyone can accomplish their goals if they give this a try,” said Anderson. “I feel amazing and I know if I can do it, anyone can. I’m absolutely thrilled with my results. My experience has been incredible and the support that I’ve received from everyone at The Weight Loss & Wellness Center has been phenomenal.”

For more information about The Weight Loss & Wellness Center and the HMR program, call 918-579-3444 or click here to fill out an information request form.


Average weight loss for the in-clinic Decision Free® plan is 43-66 lbs. based on research studies conducted in people who completed between 12-26 weeks.

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