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National Senior Health and Fitness Day is an annual health and fitness event promoting the importance of consistent physical activity in seniors. Staying active is very important as you age in order to stay healthy and sustain your independence. Exercise Specialist Chad Stanton with the Weight Loss & Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute, shares why seniors should try to follow a steady exercise regimen.

Many people experience a change in fundamental functions as they grow older. “Loss of muscle strength, balance and flexibility are some of the biggest concerns for seniors... Read More »

For most of my life, my weight had never been a problem. Growing up I was very tall and active in school sports. With the onset of my sixties, things changed very quickly. My wife and I joined a weight-loss program and stuck it out for four years until we were forced to admit defeat. The biggest challenge for me was that either I was hungry or felt a certain sense of guilt that I had over-indulged in my eating. Another problem was that there was no personal accountability. My daughter told me about the Health Management Resource (HMR) program and its wonderful track record so my wife and I... Read More »

Kaye Ball from Grove, Oklahoma had experienced cardiovascular issues for many years. It wasn’t until she learned about minimally invasive heart surgery at Oklahoma Heart Institute that she felt like she was finally able to get her heart issues under control.

“I have had heart trouble for quite some time,” said Ball. “I had a minor heart attack several years ago, which led me to open heart surgery. When I started going for checkups after that first surgery, the doctors told me I had a leaky valve. Due to the extensive pain and recovery that I endured with my first surgery, I was... Read More »

National Employee Health and Fitness Day is May 16. Celebrated the third Wednesday in May, National Employee Health and Fitness Day promotes the health benefits of staying active throughout the work day. Chad Stanton, exercise specialist from the Weight Loss & Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute, is sharing some ways you can be active and get your heart rate up during the work day.

Chad’s first round of tips focus on easier exercises. He recommends performing each exercise for 30 seconds, then resting for 30 seconds before moving on to the next set or exercise. Each... Read More »

A healthy lifestyle is something we should all strive to maintain, especially those living with diabetes. Staying on track with a good diet and exercise regimen and keeping blood sugar levels regulated is vital for diabetics. As we continue to celebrate National Nutrition Month, we spoke with Chelsea Reed, Registered Dietitian with the Center for Diabetes Management and Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at Hillcrest Medical Center and Oklahoma Heart Institute, who shared some insight into best nutrition practices for those with diabetes.

Making every patient aware that different... Read More »

March is National Nutrition Month. Leading a nutritious lifestyle is a great way to take care of your body and make changes for the better. The Weight Loss & Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute offers a nationally recognized weight-loss program developed by Health Management Resources (HMR), the nation’s leading provider of weight-loss programs in the medical community. With both in-clinic and at-home weight loss programs, the Weight Loss & Wellness Center team works with individuals to figure out the best option for them based on their personal goals.

To celebrate... Read More »

Krystal Rogers, a school teacher in Tulsa, turned 40 in October of 2017. She had always been very healthy, but over the past year she began feeling unlike her normal self. “I remember telling my husband I just didn’t feel right. I was really tired all the time and I felt like something in my body was off,” explained Rogers. “I visited my primary care physician last summer and they ran blood work. Everything came back great, so I thought I would just start taking some vitamins and hopefully that would make me feel better.”

As time went on, Rogers continued to feel unwell.. “I was... Read More »

February 11-17 is Cardiac Rehabilitation Week. This is a week where we recognize the contributions of the staff in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute. These staff members work with patients to help reduce the effects of heart disease. To learn more about the cardiac rehabilitation program, we spoke with Tom Guhr, health educator with the Weight Loss & Wellness Center at Oklahoma Heart Institute.

 “Cardiac rehabilitation is a monitored exercise program,” explained Guhr. “There are specific diagnoses that take place in order for a patient to be eligible... Read More »

While living a healthy lifestyle is a major component in keeping a strong, healthy heart, it isn’t the only one. Did you know that a good night’s rest is just as beneficial to your heart health? People who don’t sleep enough are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, which is why professionals recommend eight hours of sleep at night.

The heart is directly impacted when you are not getting an adequate amount of sleep. Depending on your specific sleep issue, there are various preventive measures you can take to regulate your sleep schedule. In continuation of our American Heart... Read More »

A few weeks ago, Franklin Wall was at work when he started experiencing chest pains. “I was on my way to a meeting and about half way down the hall, my chest started hurting,” explained Wall. “By the time I got to the meeting, I was still in pain. I sat down and was fidgeting around a little bit, trying to get comfortable, but I couldn’t. The meeting started and as it went on, I started feeling worse. I was sweating quite a bit, so I leaned over on the chair beside me and was slumping down when a guy sitting a couple of chairs over from me asked me if I was alright. I told him no and that... Read More »